Tips on Helping Homeless, Refugee and Immigrant Individuals

check markBe knowledgeable of soup kitchens and feeding centers around you. 

 Maintain a positive conversation centered around the rewards of living a normal and meaningful life. Let that person know he /she has to give themselves a chance. The restoration process  takes time and it can be done with determination,God’s help and your prayers.

Equip yourself with information on homeless centers, embassies,mental health clinics,interventaional services,social service agencies, and free health clinics. Knowledge enables you to intervene  when a crisis occurs in your family or you meet someone who has given up on themselves.

Here are some other ways you can help.

Make a generous donation to our Lunchtime and Homeless Veteran program.

Remember our men and women who faithfully served our country. Our Homeless Veteran Program provides food and clothing to homeless Vets.
Volunteering is an excellent way to serve our clients.

Winter Coat Drive

September thru March

Winter is approaching! And we need to get a head start. We need coats.

  New or lightly worn, recently cleaned used coats wanted.

Click Here


Outreach In Action


Sometimes a little rain will fall.

Do you have a family member or friend in need housing or shelter. Click Here for a list of housing and shelter resources to help them or yourself through those trying times. .

State of Illinois Homeless ID

Do you know someone who's homeless, a family member or friend? Make sure that person can be identified if something happens to that person. How? If that person is living in the  State of Illinois the State ID is free. Do you have questions about getting a free ID?  Click Here    

Homeless Veteran Program

Provides food and clothing for homeless veterans who live in abandon buildings, in vacant lots, under bridges, and in vehicles. Click Here to donate