Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who will benefit from my donation?

 A. Individuals in need will receive the initial benefit from your donation. We don't sit inside a building waiting for the homeless to come to us, we go to the homeless.

 Q.  How much my cash donation goes to individuals needing help?

 A. 85% of your cash donations go toward food,and clothing.15%  goes toward transportation, utilities and office maintenance.

 Q. Can I donate edible items instead of cash?

 A. Yes! We welcome non-perishable food and water donations. There is a list of items you can donate. Just click on this" donate food" link.

 Q. Do your Non-profit provide housing for individuals who need housing?

 A.  We don't have shelter facilities to accommodate homeless individuals. Our " Resources" link will send you to the page that will help you or a loved one find the resources you need.

Q.  How can I help a loved find housing or a shelter? 

A.  Click here this link will direct you to shelter listings in your state.   

Q. Do you provide resources to help families in need of housing?   

A.  Presently we don't have housing facilities. Our organization provides links to services that are willing to help families regain stability.

Q. Can I donate clothing?

A. Currently, we are not accepting clothing donations due to space limitations. We are accepting new and lightly worn, freshly washed coats, from September 1 thru January 31.

Q. I'm hungry, how can I get a meal?

A.  Click here to find a listing of food services in your state.

If you have questions not answered by this page. Send us an e-mail