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Outreach Chicago is a faith-based organization that began in 2009 addressing the needs of the homeless in refugees, immigrants Chicago. Over time our clients base has grown. Currently, our services are geared toward providing help to anyone who lack the resources to sustain a good quality of life.


Our Mission

Our mission is necessities. We provide food, clothing and personal hygiene items to low-income, homeless or near homeless veterans, individuals and families; we empower them to reintegrate into society and improve their quality of life with intervention resources and literacy programs; and we alert the world of its impact on their wellbeing. We realize homelessness is due to factors such as mental, physical, sexual abuse, and a lack of financial resources.

Our Vision


Support non-profit ideas and organizations that will aid people in need. Assist  low-income, homeless or near homeless individuals, families and veterans in regaining their quality of life. Distribute food, clothing and personal hygiene products to individuals, families, refugees, immigrants living on the streets, in cars and abandon buildings. Provide young individuals with the tools necessary for stability and safety. Help homeless individuals, families, refugees, immigrants and veterans reintegrate themselves into society through self-empowerment tools and computer literacy. Provide services to individuals, who are weary of the shelter system. 

Our Outreach Programs


    Lunchtime Program

    This program provides bag lunches for homeless and low-income, individuals, and families. 


    Personal Hygiene Products Program

    Personal hygiene items: women and men hygiene products, feminine products, feminine cleansing cloths, pampers, and baby wipes.


    Homeless Veteran Program

    Provides food and personal hygiene products and clothing for homeless veterans.

    Get Prepared

    Provides school supplies for low-income and homeless students.


    Clothing / Winter Gear Programs

    New or lightly worn, recently cleaned coats, socks, T-shirts, gloves, knit caps, and sweaters.....

     Our Board

    Melvin G. Bridgmon, President

    Veteran United States Navy

    Timothy W. Bridgmon, Vice-President

    Nadine K. Miller,Family Outreach

    Nadine E. Bridgmon, Treasurer

    Kezia Miller, Secretary

     Financial Reports



Outreach Programs
  •        Lunch Time Program

    provides bag lunches to homeless and low- income veterans, individuals, and families living on the streets of Chicago and South Suburban area.
  • Personal Hygiene Product Collection

    provides baby diapers, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products and toiletries to homeless and low-income individuals.
  • Winter Gear/Clothing Program

    New or lightly worn recently cleaned used coats, gloves, sweaters, socks, underwear, blankets, sleeping blankets.


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